People who are interested in health and wellness will be aware of CBD oil, a natural supplement which has boomed in popularity in recent years. There are many ways to take CBD oil, from gummies to spray, but one of the most popular is to vape it. If you’re new to vaping it can seem a bit daunting, as it requires various equipment alongside the CBD vape liquid itself.

This guide offers tips and advice on everything you need to know to get started and enjoy the benefits of vaping CBD.

What is CBD?

The scientific name of CBD is cannabidiol, which is extracted from the buds, leaves and stalks of the cannabis plant. CBD contains chemicals called cannabinoids, which interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a biological system that plays an important role in regulating various functions including appetite, sleep, mood and memory. Our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids, also known as endocannabinoids, which are associated with feelings of wellbeing and happiness. The cannabinoids found in CBD enhance these natural cannabinoids, producing therapeutic effects for the body.

CBD oil has a range of proven health benefits and has been found to provide relief from conditions including chronic pain, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, addiction withdrawal and some neurological disorders.

Why Vape CBD Liquid?

Before we get into the reasons for choosing to vape CBD, it’s important to make the distinction between CBD oil and CBD vape liquid. CBD vape liquid is sometimes called CBD vape oil, which is easily confused with CBD oil. CBD vape liquid is oil which contains thinning agents, usually propylene glycerol and vegetable glycerin, that allows it to vaporise and be absorbed into the lungs. CBD oil on its own, however, should only be taken orally or sublingually. It’s important you know the difference when purchasing your CBD vape liquid.

As described above, CBD has multiple benefits for health and wellbeing. However, the speed and intensity of these effects depends on the way you consume the CBD. If you are using CBD oil or CBD edibles, it will take longer and require more consumption to feel the same benefits as if you use CBD vape liquid. Vape liquid is much faster acting than any other CBD product and has a much higher absorption rate (also known as bioavailability). Medical studies have found the bioavailability of vaporised CBD is between 34-46%, compared to between 4-20% for CBD taken orally, a huge difference that underlines just how effective CBD vape liquid is. This efficient delivery makes vaping CBD an incredibly popular choice, and explains why many people choose it over other methods of administration.

What Are The Different Types of CBD Vape Liquid?

CBD vape liquid is divided into three separate categories: full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolate. You may choose a particular type depending on your particular circumstances, so it’s important to know the differences.

Full spectrum CBD vape liquid includes all of the compounds that naturally occur in the cannabis plant, including cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, minerals and essential oils. Retaining all of these compounds is thought to encourage the ‘entourage effect’, which means that the effectiveness of the vape oil is increased due to all of the compounds working together.

Broad spectrum CBD vape liquid has all of the compounds described above, but without the THC. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol and is the element in cannabis that produces a ‘high’. It’s important to be aware that even full spectrum products include less than 0.3% THC and will not produce a high. However, some people wish to avoid THC altogether, whilst getting the rest of the benefits of the plant.

CBD isolate contains just CBD and has all of the other compounds and chemicals of the cannabis plant removed. It is the purest form of CBD, but won’t deliver the enhanced benefits of the rest of the cannabis plant.

As well as choosing between these three categories, you can also choose from various different flavours of vape liquid. The flavours vary widely and you can pick anything from watermelon to strawberry cheesecake to cotton candy, depending on your tastes.

You should also pay attention to the PG/VG ratio when choosing vape liquid. The liquid is made from a combination of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG), and having different quantities of each changes the qualities of the liquid. Most shop bought vape liquids have a ratio of either 20PG/80VG or 30PG/70VG, and having a higher ratio of VG gives a smooth vape that isn’t harsh on the throat, and also gives out big clouds of vapour. You can experiment with mixing your own vape liquids if you wish to achieve a particular PG/VG ratio.

What Equipment do I Need to Vape CBD?

On top of the CBD vape liquid, you of course need something to vape it with. If you’re a beginner to CBD vaping, it’s best to start with the basics. There are many vaporisers on the market, ranging from simple to highly customisable, but they all come down to the same components.


The battery powers your vape and is what makes it possible to turn the CBD vape liquid into a vapour. Some devices come with a rechargeable internal battery that can’t be replaced if it breaks or wears out, meaning you have to get a whole new vape. Others allow you to replace the battery if it breaks, extending the life of your device.


The tank is the part of your vape that heats the liquid into vapour. The battery powers a heating element called a coil, which is held inside the tank. The coil is wrapped around a wicking material that delivers the vape liquid to the coil where it is heated. This vaporises the liquid in the chamber of the tank, which is then inhaled through a small mouthpiece.


Most vapes have internal batteries that can be charged with a USB charger, offering maximum convenience as they can be charged via a computer or phone charger. Removable batteries can be charged individually via a lithium-ion charger, which means that you don’t have to charge the entire device. This is a good option for those who use their vape a lot, as you can have one battery charging whilst using another.

Relatively new to the vaping scene are pod systems. These are a step up from a cheap vape device of the kind you might purchase in a petrol station, but are much less complicated than many modern vape devices. The ‘pod’ is smaller than a traditional tank, making them more convenient and portable.


Getting into vaping CBD may feel daunting, but once you have grasped the basic facts as outlined above you’ll feel more confident. Understanding what CBD is, the benefits of vaping it and the differences between the types of CBD oil will enable you to make informed choices about which one is right for you and your particular set of circumstances. Knowing how a vape works and the different types available will enable you to get the most from your CBD vaping experience and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.