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About Albion Candi

Why Albion Candi?

Albion Candi is an anagram of Cannabidiol (CBD) which has been a game changer for our family and the journey we took.

The Journey Of Albion Candi?

We are a new UK family run business that until recently like others were blind to CBD. Our own family members illness helped us discover a CBD lifestyle  through research and recommendations, this person was given a diagnosis and as a family we had to choose a path; We knew that it would be this path that would have an impact on the quality of life for her. None of us ever wanted to be in a position that we would say ” We wish we had”. So the path we chose was a mix of Eastern  and mild western treatments, Albeit not everyone’s choice but it is the patient that has the final say. We searched the internet and found that the World Wide Web carries a vast amount of poor unfounded statements regarding treatment products and ailment potions, but we did find some valuable information.

Whilst researching we came across the person who invented RSO oil. Rick Simpson was the first person to bring cannabis oil and its properties under the spot light. His life story is truly inspiring and is well worth reading but, what echoed in our head is that he say’s” when you buy a product someone becomes very rich”. Whilst that is the case with any product from a business our take is this ”why should you have to pay over the odds for a product that could help you” the fact of the matter is you’d pay anything to increase the chance of improvement, as we did.

Our dedication to research and the implementation of the products we found on our journey resulted in a great result for our family. It is our family member and people like Rick Simpson that truly inspired us on our path, we know 100% we would be saying “ we wish we had! ” if we had not found the information.

Born from dedication and inspiration the aim of our website is to provide quality, cost effective products that can help have a positive impact on our life's.  Based in the centre of the UK our online shop stocks a large selection of CBD products  that all carry affordable price tags aimed not break the bank. Our prices are low due to our unique purchasing system which allows us to pass the saving on to you the customer. Should a product be unavailable for any reason from our UK holding centre then one of our staff will contact you to discuss an alternative replacement or issue a full refund. For piece of mind our online payment partner allows you to make a secure transaction that is covered.

We thank you for visiting our website and hope that all the information provided on this site will be of help to you, as it has been to us.

We wish you luck in your journey whichever path you decided to take,


Albion Candi


Products on this website are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any diseases. We recommend that you seek advice from your doctor or medical professional before using any of our products.

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