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CoQ10 helps generate energy in our cells, but as we age our natural production of CoQ10 tends to slow down. CoQ10 is not only responsible for energy generation in our cells, it’s also an antioxidant and protects cells from oxidative damage.

Naturally-fermented, stable form of CoQ10 is cultured from good bacteria, making it easy to digest and absorb. It’s supplied in a base of coconut oil, which aids the absorption of this important, fat-soluble nutrient. We’ve also added in a standardised extract of black pepper, providing 95% piperine which is shown to increase the absorption of CoQ10 by an extra 30%.

Certified vegan All ingredients free from pesticides and herbicidesFree from WHEAT, YEAST, GLUTEN, SOYA Free from MILK products (LACTOSE) Non GMOGentle on the stomachManufactured to ISO / GMP / BRC accreditation

30 Capsules
Naturally fermented
Stable & effective form
Piperine for high absorption
In a base of coconut oil

How To Use
How To Apply One capsule as a food supplement with or without food. Do not exceed the recommended intake unless directed by a practitioner. This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet
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Ingredients Coconut oil, Tapioca extract*, Co-enzyme Q10, Black pepper extract (piper nigrum root). Vegecap (vegetable cellulose) *Non-GMO extract used to turn oil into powder.

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